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How the non-profit sector is helping India respond to Covid-19

27th April 2020
How the non-profit sector is helping India respond to Covid-19
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Photo Credit: The Hindu Business Line

By Roopa Kudva & Rohan Vyavaharkar

It’s been less than three months since India detected the first Covid-19 case on its shores. It took non-profit organisations (and non-profit initiatives by businesses) no time at all to galvanise into action and help India manage the pandemic and its consequent socio-economic impact. These vital efforts are complementing, supporting, and informing government initiatives.

Given limited data, there is no macro picture of the range of initiatives in response to Covid-19. An analysis of the 1,200-plus funding proposals received under Omidyar Network India’s Rapid Response Funding Initiative since its launch in end-March, can serve as an indicative proxy to the mix of initiatives that the sector is engaged in and provide some interesting insights.

Nearly 40 per cent of the proposals focus on community outreach and mobilisation initiatives such as direct relief, awareness building and ground-level monitoring of the virus’ spread. Most target daily-wage earners, especially migrants — those returning home and those wo have stayed put in cities. 

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