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Building trust in technology

8th March 2021
Building trust in technology
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Photo credit: Enterprise CIO

By Roopa Kudva

Trust is the backbone of the digital economy. When individuals trust the internet, they participate more freely. Building trust requires sustained efforts and is complex but can create immense value. Fostering trust, in the Indian context, has three key dimensions:

First, enabling India’s “Next Half Billion” (who mainly come from the bottom 60 per cent of the income distribution) to benefit from the internet to improve their lives. For this, we need to reimagine the internet to make it more contextual and relatable for them so that they build the trust and confidence to transact online. A related aspect is getting more women to participate in the internet. Protecting the next half billion from fraud and loss of data is crucial — such incidents can materially undo progress in their internet journey and require disproportionate efforts to get them back online.

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