Our Grantmaking Thesis - Helping create a meaningful life for the NHB

By Roopa Kudva, Shilpa Kumar.

The Next Half Billion (NHB) refers to the nearly 500 million Indians who will come online for the first time by 2022, and predominantly from the bottom 60% of India's income distribution.The challenges that the NHB face are deep-rooted, pervasive and interconnected. The core of our grantmaking thesis is that driving social impact at scale requires taking a holistic approach " one that includes all the key elements that a constitute a meaningful life for the NHB " and fostering a supportive ecosystem in each of these elements. This focus on ecosystem development is a unique feature of our approach. Our grantmaking thesis combines this focus with a multidimensional grantmaking toolkit and nuanced tech-led sector level strategies that identify the next frontiers for change.

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