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Digital Identity

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Digital Identity

Investment Strategy

Omidyar Network India’s vision is to ensure that exclusion from basic services such as food rations due to Aadhaar is eliminated, and privacy as a fundamental right is entrenched into the Indian ecosystem.

These objectives are a part of our global efforts to support policies and technologies for a safe digital future. We seek to do so by promoting the design and implementation of Good ID, that is inclusive, offers significant personal value, and empowers individuals with privacy, security, and control, and by supporting organisations that are building trust through transparency and accountability.

With these guiding principles, we work towards the following objectives:

Providing inputs that lead to the elimination of exclusion due to Aadhaar in delivery of basic services.

Creating a robust and responsive mechanism to reduce privacy risk.

Building a vibrant and innovative ecosystem of for-profit startups for Good ID technology.

Documenting and sharing learnings from India for the global ID community.


Equity Investments