Why We Invested in DealShare

Why We Invested in DealShare

"By leveraging the default social media format of the Next Half Billion (NHB) to offer them an easier and very intuitive online shopping experience, DealShare is increasing their confidence in transacting online. By connecting regional brands with social commerce communities and optimising logistics through order aggregation, DealShare is providing high-quality products at discounted prices to its users"

An estimated 35 to 45 million Indians today shop online, which means that most Indians are still shopping using traditional channels. It means that most of India still walks to the local kirana, or at the very least, makes a phone call to the neighbourhood store for their daily needs and groceries. In the traditional e-commerce model, buying online has meant taking business away from the local kirana store. But what if there’s a model that unlocks the price and the wide product range available to online shoppers while also creating value for the local stores?

That is exactly the model that DealShare operates on. The Jaipur-based company provides high-quality groceries and other products at lower prices with a wider range to customers across tier II and III cities.

Having started off in 2018 as a social commerce model driving deep discounts through peer networks and bulk buying, today it operates a D2C service for customers and a B2B model for stores. Customers can have products delivered directly to their homes and save costs. This also helps increase the confidence of its customers to transact online.  shopping experience is tailored to the NHB in multiple languages using an intuitive app designed to replicate the ‘Indian’ shopping experience. An example of this is the ‘add to bag’ option instead of the ‘add to cart’ function available on other platforms- the add to 'cart' option is designed to replicate the shopping experience at a supermarket, which is an unfamiliar experience for most Indians, while the 'bag' is a common feature at every 'mandi' or kirana shop.

Meanwhile, kirana shop owners get greater margins and a wider range of brands due to bulk buying. This model is possible because of DealShare’s tie-ups with regional brands that have quality comparable with higher-profile brands. This combination of providing affordable household items without compromising on quality is aimed at the NHB, a cohort that has been underserved during the first wave of e-commerce in India.

In terms of its impact, most of its customers and most of the small business owners i.e. the kirana store owners fall squarely within the Next Half Billion. DealShare helps the former access quality goods at affordable prices. It helps the store owners increase their profits and household income levels. Additionally, regional and local brands get access to a wider audience and DealShare helps them increase their revenues and become better-known names. And that’s what we would like to think of as a truly good deal.